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i wish
i would die
right now
so you would
feel sorry for me
and come to my funeral
and bring me flowers
and show me your respect
because im dead
and you feel bad


im too busy
killing myself
to come
to your party
you thought of me
way too late
by the time you read this
ill be dead


my only regret
is that i wont get to see
the expression
on your ugly face
when you find me
lying on your bed
and cold
with a note in my hand
that will
haunt you forever
while i
get to be dead


what a waste
the air i breathe
why am i here
there is nothing
i can do right
and im bored trying
because i always end up
right here
in this boring place
with nothing to do
but sit
and breathe
your air


a bag full of makeup
and im still ugly
how is it
the same face
i saw yesterday
looks different today
and there is not
a color in here
that can help
i hate myself today


the day
you took your toothbrush
and your razor
and your deoderant
and left me
the key
was the worst day
of my life


my heart
into a million pieces
so small
i could look forever
and never find them all
i think back
to the day
to the party
where we met
and i want to die


my aching heart...
you have gone
and thats all you left me
how long
will i lie here
in pain
before i die
before i stop breathing
this cold air
that surrounds me
like an icy cloud of smoke
will i die of hunger
or thirst
i dont care which
i only want
my misery
to end